Choosing The Right Material For Island Countertops

As family members age, people will begin to wonder if their loved ones will be able to remain in their home. While there are a lot of decisions to consider, one option allowing seniors to live at home is renovating. Different rooms will require different work to keep the home safe for the individuals who live there. Stair lifts are a common practice and a fairly simple fix for those who need assistance. The kitchen and bathroom, however, will require more thought and help from experts.


In the kitchen, there are a few things especially important for seniors. Lighting should be checked to assure the brightness is up to par for those who may experience vision issues. Countertops can be lowered to accommodate those in a wheelchair. A professional will be able to assist a family in measuring the room and finding the right location for the senior that lives in the home.

A kitchen contractor will be able to assist in making all minor and major senior friendly renovations. Family members can bring up things like storage to make sure the loved one is able to reach all of their items. They can also help identify items that may obstruct a seniors path. For those in a wheelchair, an island can be removed to assure the individual will be able to move easily around without having to worry about tight corners or spaces.


There are many things that help make a bathroom easier for a senior to access. These may include rails along the areas that receive a lot of use. The toilet and shower are common places to add these safety railings, giving seniors a place to hold onto while they go about daily activities. Family members can add non-slip strips in the shower, as well as non-slip mats along the floor to prevent falls.

A shower and tub combo can be removed and replaced with a walk in shower that will be much easier for the loved one to use. A seat can be placed in the shower giving the senior a place to rest. Lighting should be put into consideration here as well, since the shower curtain may darken the space. Overhead lighting in the shower can give the person a better view of what they are doing, helping to prevent any struggles while they bathe.

For seniors who live at home, changing a few things around the house can help give family members some peace of mind. find out here There are many things that can be done and a family should choose options that work best for the individual, rather than the age group. They can take into consideration the preferences of their loved one special info and receive help from an expert. When things are accessible and safe, all members of the family can worry a little less.

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